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Support the Braidwood Skate Park Project youth-driven fundraising efforts.


The BYPAA and BCA T-Shirt Project was run with support from the Braidwood Community Bank and Megalo Prints and with help and donations from local artists. The goal is to raise funds to contribute to the proposed new Skate Park in Braidwood, NSW. All proceeds of T-shirt sales go to the proposed Skate Park.


The T-Shirt Project had two parts:

1. A Screen Printing Studio Workshop run by BYPAA in January, where participating kids designed and printed their very own T-Shirt and produced some extras to sell for the Skate Park.

2. Using the "Skater Lizard" design and Skate@Braidwood logo, by talented young local artist Gus Munnings, we produced a run of professionally printed T-Shirts.

Many of the shirts from both of these projects were sold at the Book Fair on January 30th, but LIMITED T-SHIRTS FROM BOTH PROJECTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE.

To order your t-shirt today

 Simply fill in our order form below, select which design and size you would like and submit your order.

Then make payment via our PayPal account and we will be in touch regarding pickup/ delivery.

Skater Lizard T-shirts $35

Kids Designs $20

Bags $10

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