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This subgroup of Braidwood Youth Performing Arts Association (BYPAA) has been developed to address the identified needs and aspirations of the local community and creative artists interested in both amateur and professional performance. It offers continuing participation in the performing arts and a pathway for young people who no longer fall into BYPAA parameters/age range.




BYPAA MADs is a community initiative and a subcommittee of BYPAA whose principal purpose is to encourage participation in theatre and musical performances in Braidwood and surrounding regions.

We intend to organise musical and theatre productions for adults and young people and may include events such as live performances, events including the One Act Play Festival and Drama Festival, music performances, workshops and artist demonstrations.


Our Team is made up of a group of passionate individuals who are interested in performing arts or are experienced teachers in the performing arts. They are dedicated to volunteering their free time to help develop programmes and opportunities in the Braidwood area. With their combined experience and knowledge, they have big goals and high standards.





BYPAA MADs acknowledges everyone's right to participate in the cultural life of our area. We will encourage a diverse range of experiences and promote participation in, and access to, performing arts and cultural activities for everyone in our region.


BYPAA MADs strives to engage, involve and collaborate widely through our communications, partnerships and delivery of activities that strengthen positive relationships with local creative performing artists and the broader community.


BYPAA MADs is committed to perceptive and far-sighted goal setting and inspired, innovative action to achieve our goals.


A culture of encouragement, celebration and a nurturing environment for emerging and established performing artists, as well as those who are interested in the technical aspects of theatre, is central to the purpose of BYPAA MADs. This is delivered through access to peers, workshops, rehearsals and performances.




BYPAA MADs seeks to be recognised as the 'go-to' organisation for performing arts in Braidwood region. We aim to be viable, relevant and visible by increasing membership and through our activities and events




BYPAA MADs intends to develop opportunities from 2022 and beyond in musicals and theatrical performances. We intend to work with The Q in Queanbeyan and are looking at developing a partnership to ensure performances are recognised as a vital activity in the Queanbeyan Palerang Local Government Area.

We are looking to develop:

  • Musicals

  • Dramatic performances

  • MAD Orchestra

  • BYPAA – Actors Factory

  • One Act Play Festiva

  • Technical workshops in lighting, sound, set design, stage management etc.




To participate in BYPAA MADs events each person will need to register as a BYPAA member to ensure they are covered by insurance. The current cost is $5.00 individual $15.00 for a family. A supplement to this fee, participants that are actively involved in a production either as a performer or a production assistant will be asked to contribute $50.00 to support the production costs.


BYPAA MADs Patrons

BYPAA MADs is looking at presenting performing arts programs from 2022, providing entertainment and participation opportunities for community members.
Patron support will help BYPAA MADs to create productions of high artistic standard, within a pricing framework, which promotes community accessibility.
The support of Patrons is vital to the long-term success of local theatre in Braidwood region and the encouragement of ever more ambitious projects for the enjoyment of our audiences, cast and production personnel. We will be asking locals to support our endeavours by becoming a MADs Patron with an appropriate contribution rate.
To thank BYPAA MADs Patrons we will provide potential patrons with two complimentary tickets to productions. Our appreciation will also be demonstrated by the acknowledgement of Patrons in show programs, newsletters, on our website and in our annual report. 

The annual cost of becoming a BYPAA MADs single Patron is $200.

​In recognition of your valued financial support, Patrons also receive the following benefits: ​

Single Patrons one vote at the BYPAA General Meeting; and

Joint or Business Patrons a maximum of two votes per patronage at the BYPAA General Meetings $500

Membership forms available online or from:

Contact Details:

Peter van Rijswijk

0419 431 517

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