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We will take this stuff and make it speak:

Trash and treasure; ideas and experience; hopes and dreams.

And by this means our hearts unfold, with stories true and bold.

Create, Reveal and Celebrate

We can shape our world and build a better outcome.

Come! Let us make the future now.



We have 5 awesome workshops to choose from, which will run across three days.  Each day participants will build on their creative idea, ready to show off their epic creations in The Friday Show, followed by an After Party with DJ Morgan.

The theme of all the workshops is upcycling - we will be making NEW from OLD under the mentorship of talented community members.

The three workshop days will be divided into a morning session and an afternoon session:


The morning sessions are open to all ages, giving our older participants the opportunity to help our younger ones with their creating.  The afternoon sessions will be for 11+ year olds to focus on their own creations.

Thanks to Coordinaire, BSC, QPRC and the Braidwood Community Bank we are able to offer these workshops at BARGAIN prices.  Younger participants will be just $15 for ALL THREE Mornings, and Older Participants (11 and over) $30 for three FULL DAYS!!!  Then there is the Friday Show and after Party to celebrate.

Please register your interest in these workshops using the button below.

TrashCan Orchestra

Create a musical instrument, compose the music and become The TrashCan Orchestra for the Friday Show


Film and Radio

Create a behind the scenes documentary featuring each of the workshops to be screened at The Friday Show


Devising Drama


Create a performance piece - from the story to the costumes and prompts - and take to the stage in the The Friday Show

Wearable Art

Create a

Create a costume and get ready from the CatWalk - you'll be in your very own upcycled Fashion Parade at The Friday Show

The Recyclery

Create The Thing.  This is going to be BIG!  And will be unveiled at The Friday Show