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Would you like to be part of this amazing youth theatre production?




Please fill in our registration form below,

Please state if you would like to audition for a main part or

 wish to be in ensemble /minor roles, these parts are not required to audition. 



 Please read our audition booklet attached below, complete the sign up sheet and code of conduct form at the back of the booklet. We can have copies of these available at auditions and first rehersal. 
Needed for auditionees on 8th. 
Needed for all participants by first rehearsal. 


Audition, Show and Rehearsal Information:


Auditions Tuesday June 8. 5pm—7pm at Braidwood Scout Hall. 

Auditions will be in front of a panel. 


Auditionees wishing to take a singing role will need to sing a song of their choice.

This will be done without a backing track or other accompaniment. 

Auditionees will all be asked to read an extract of the script, with a particular focus on the character they’re

interested in taking on.

These can be found in this booklet (for participants wishing to prepare).

They will also participate in movement and expressive exercises to see how they respond to 

direction and other performers.

It is not necessary to audition in order to participate in the chorus/ensemble. 
All members of the chorus/ensemble will play the range of minor roles.

These include pirates, police and the Major General’s daughters. 


Rehearsals for Pirates of Penzance will not take place in school holiday breaks.

Rehearsals will be during the school term on Monday afternoon/evenings at the Braidwood Scout Hall. 

Rehearsals will take place from 5 pm to 7pm.

Students travelling from out of area may arrive late, as per Canberra/Goulburn bus return times.

Parents of very young performers may also wish to pick up their child at 6pm.

All participants must sign in and out of rehearsals at front door. 

For auditions and rehearsals participants are advised to dress warmly and comfortably so they are able to move freely.

They are encouraged to bring snacks and must bring water. 


The important dates are as follows:


- Auditions June 8, 5pm—7pm. If call backs are necessary families will be contacted.

This can occur over zoom or in person. Cast announced by 11 June (see BYPAA).

- Orientation for all cast 14 June 5pm to 7pm. 
Includes film viewing (Pirates of Penzance, 1983 [rated G—Australian Classification])


- First read through  21 June 5pm to 7pm.

- Rehearsals 12 July to 13 September (10 weeks), 5pm—7pm.

- Final Monday rehearsals 11 October to 25 October, 5pm to 7pm.

- Dress Rehearsal (weekend) 23 October, 10am—4pm.

- Tech Rehearsal (weekend) 30 October, 10am to 4pm.

What to Bring to auditions/rehearsals:


•Your completed AUDITION FORM at the end of these pages.

•Comfortable clothing and shoes to move in.

• tie hair back

• pencil

• Water

• Plenty of food


$100 per participant is required to secure your Childs spot to cover the cost of production and tutors.

This will be required to be paid in full before first rehearsals. Please find our direct deposit and pay pal information at bottom of registration form.

BYPAA will have a few sponsorship options available for this production, so if you feel like you are unable to meet the fee requirements, please request sponsorship information on the registration form and one of our Team will be in touch with what financial assistance is available. 



Direct Deposit Details

Braidwood Youth Performing Arts Association 

bsb: 633 000 acc #: 159 965 433

Please Use your child's name as reference

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